To protect our Montana quality of life and grow our local economy, we need great schools and a clean, healthy environment. I am committed to being your voice in Helena.


A Proven Track Record for Education

Served as an elected trustee on the Bozeman School Board for 14 years; served as Chair for 4 years - overseeing critical school investments.

Co-lead the statewide effort to secure the first comprehensive education funding bill in over a decade.

Successfully passed bonds to remodel Bozeman High School, and build Sacajawea Middle School, Hyalite and Meadowlark Elementary Schools.

Served on the teacher negotiations committee for thirteen years; she was instrumental in getting the committee to adopt a consensus-based tapproach to negotiations which has led to teachers and management working together on successful contracts.

Recipient of the Marvin Heintz Award for outstanding achievement as a board member.

Currently represents the district as a member of the Montana School Boards Association where she has served on the K-12 Vision Group providing key input to the Legislature that led to a successful 2013 school funding bill.

A CAP (Child Advancement Project) mentor to a Bozeman School’s child for 7 years.

Protecting our Fresh Air, Clean Water, and Open Land

Worked with farmers, ranchers and health experts to stop a Three Forks cement plant from burning tires. Together we kept toxic chemicals out of Montana's milk and beef.

Board member of Montanans Against Toxic Burning for fourteen years; a group dedicated to ensuring Bozeman’s clean air and water are maintained.

Past president of the Gallatin Valley Wilderness Association.

Supporting our Community

Helped raise $2.5 million in private contributions to restore the popular Willson Auditorium.

More About Denise

Development Director for Thrive.

Development Director for the Gallatin Valley Land Trust.

Denise is married and has two children. She has lived in Bozeman for twenty seven years.

Denise is currently running for House District 66. She supports a quality education for all of our children and protection for our lands, water and air. Support for small businesses and opportunities for affordable living wage jobs that will benefit all Montanans. Her experience with successful negotiations and informed decision making in times of tight school district budgets will help her work with all members of the legislature to responsibly tackle the challenges that Montana will face in the future.

In the News

School Trustee Denise Hayman Runs on Dem Ticket in HD 66

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
"Denise Hayman said her 15 years as a Bozeman School Board member qualifies her for the state House of Representatives, where she promised to be fiscally responsible, promote alternative energy production and help working-class families afford college."

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Sale of Historic East Willson School Wins OK

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
"Hayman said she’d like to see a drop-off area be set aside for people in wheelchairs coming to events at the auditorium."

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Gallatin County Democrats Hosting Candidate Forum

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
"Candidates expected to attend are John Driscoll, Dirk Adams, Franke Wilmer, JP Pomnichowski, April Buonamici, Jennifer Madgic, Zach Brown, Christopher Burke, Christopher Pope, Denise Hayman, Jeannie Brown, Ashley Stevick, Jennifer Blossom, Kathleen Williams and Blair Ward."

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Bozeman School Board Approves Willson Auditorium Renovation

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
"Though the campaign has been going publicly for several months, the effort to renovate the 77-year-old auditorium started years ago. Hayman said she has been involved in the project for four years."

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ACT Honors Bozeman High for Preparing Kids for College

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
"Watson, Bozeman High Principal Kevin Conwell, teacher Erica Schnee and School Board trustees Wendy Tage, Denise Hayman and Sue MacGrath traveled to Great Falls to receive the award and pose for photos with the governor."

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Land for 2nd Bozeman High School Goes on Ballot

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
"'This is really an answer to a difficult site at Cottonwood and Stucky,' Trustee Denise Hayman said. 'Back then there were not a lot of choices. Land was sky high. We’d talk to somebody (about a purchase) and the prices doubled.'"

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School Board Moves Toward Selling East Willson School, Fixing Auditorium

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
"'We’re going to save, hopefully, a grand old lady that a lot of people have fond memories of,' Trustee Denise Hayman said of the proposed sale of East Willson School."

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Holcim Cement Plant Bad for Valley's Air Quality

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
"On Dec. 8 and 9, Bozeman had the highest air pollution readings in Montana – higher than Missoula, Butte, and Billings."

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